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Cheap Wall Mount Acyrlic Sign Holders

Wall Mount Acrylic Sign Holder Affixing Options.

The following options are available with our wall mount acrylic sign holders:

cheap wall mount sign holders

Drill Holes (Standard):

                      Drill holes can be utilized to fasten and hang many types      

                      of displays and panels. Countersunk holes with flat head

                      screws are a great option if you need a completely flush



Slat Wall:

                      Slat wall extrusion used in conjunction with salt wall board  

                      is a practical and attractive wall mounting method. Our

                      slat wall clips are available in numerous design

                      variations,sizes and materials types.


Grid Wall:

                    Acrylic grid wall clips provide another simple and attractive

                   option for wall hanging displays being mounted on grid wall



Key Holes:

                   Key holes slots are a great option which provides a secure

                   and clean method of fastening displays, panels and dust

                   covers to the wall.These are drilled for extra $55 setup and

                   $1.05 ea. The $55.00 will be billed to your credit card after

                   order is placed.


Saw Tooth:

                   Clear saw tooth hangers provide a convenient and simple

                   way of affixing acrylic panels, frames, and art and model

                   covers to walls.


Double Face Tape:

                   Double face tape is a very simple solution for mounting

                   displays and panels to walls or countertop surfaces. It is

                   available in various thickness and widths and can provide

                   an amazing durable hold. Double face tape is typically

                   available in clear, white and black.

                   Pricing includes up to 4" of tape

Magnetic Tape:

                   Magnetic tape is a practical option for mounting sign

                   holders, picture frames and many smaller items to metal

                   surfaces in the home or marketplace. It comes in varying

                   widths and can be cut to any length. Magnetic tape comes

                  in a black charcoal color.

                  Pricing includes up to 4" of magentic tape.